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Final Report on Composite-Expo 2018 Exhibition

Exhibition Organizer:

Mir-Expo Exhibition Company

The same time the same place
there will be specialized exhibition:

Polyurethanex 2019 11th International Exhibition

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Composite-Expo 2019 Preliminary List of Exhibitors:

  • Airtech Europe Sarl, Luxembourg
    (manufacturer and supplier of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials serving the composite, bonding and tooling industry)
  • AKARMAK, Turkey
    (autoclaves, pressure equipment for composites industry)
    (organic peroxides for the production of composite materials, initiators for the petrochemical industry) 
  • Alvis NTO LLC, Tula, Russia
  • ApATeCh, Moscow, Russia
    (composite products)
  • ARAMICORE, China
    (aramid paper honeycomb, aluminium honeycomb and honeycomb panels)
  • Attika, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (fiberglass, epoxy, gel coat)
  • Autoplast LLC, Neftekamsk, Russia
    (fiberglass materials)
  • Aviateh LLC, Ufa, Russia
    (industrial robots)
    (paints, coatings, specialty chemicals, organic peroxides, accelerators, release agents)
  • Bang & Bonsomer, LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (raw materials for the production of composites, polyester and epoxy resins, gelcoats, peroxides, reinforcing materials, vacuum consumables)
  • BauTex LTD, Gus-Khrustalny, Russia
    (fiberglass-based production, woven roving, bulk molding compound, BMC, raw materials)
  • Basalt Projects Group, Moscow, Russia
    (Basalt fiber)
  • Beijing Honghe Sci-Tech Co., Ltd, Beijing, China
    (fiberglass materials) 
  • BYK Chemie GmbH, Wesel, Germany
    (additives, measuring instruments)
  • BMP Technology Co. Ltd, Moscow, Russia
    (epoxy resins, silicone compounds, thermo-expanded flexible tools, model pastes)
  • Breton SpA, Castello di Godego (TV), Italy
    (machines for composites and resins)
  • Centre for Aviation Technology and Interior Design, LLC, Moscow, Russia
  • Changzhou Sunchem New Material Co., Ltd, Changzhou City, China
    (high-performance resins, molding powder, coatings, adhesives)  
  • Chem-Courier, information analitical agency, Moscow, Russia
  • CMS SPA, Italy
    (equipment for machining composite materials)
  • Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany
    (laboratory machinery, pilit lines for batteries, fuel sells and printed electronics)
  • Composite, Group of Companies, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (GRP, artificial stone, composite materials)
  • Composite Solutions LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia - new exhibitor
    (raw materials for composites)
  • Composite World, Magazine, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Construction Technology, Magazine, Moscow, Russia
  • CS Composites Limited liability, Novosibirsk, Russia
    (composites, paint, coating, constructions segments)
  • DUGALAK, LLC, Yaroslavl, Russia
    (polyester resins, epoxy vinyl ester resins, gelcouts, acrylic resins)
  • Electroizolit PJSC, Khotkovo, Russia
    (insulation materials & insulation systems)
  • ELMATEC LTD, Moscow, Russia
  • ENERGOAVANGARD, LLC, Moscow, Russia
  • EPITAL, ZAO, Moscow, Russia
    (epoxy binders, coatings, master-models, epoxy-foams)
  • ETERUS-TECHNO, LLC, Neftekamsk, Russia
    (fiberglass materials)
  • Eurochem 1 Functional Additives JSC, Moscow, Russia
    (additives for composites, epoxy resins, polyurethanes)
  • Eurotechprom GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
    (robots, automotisation)
  • Evonik Chimia LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (high-performance resins, crosslinkers, curing agents, epoxy systems, polyimides)
  • EXITON TEST, Ltd., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (test and research equipment, electro-mechanical & hydraulic tensile testing machines, impact testing machines, plastometers, hardness)
  • Fives Group, Moscow, Russia
    (Cutting tools for composites) 
  • Fluoroelastomers LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (equipment for composites processing, rubber recycling and mixing equipment, fluororubber, chemicals)
  • Formula Carbon LLC, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
    (materials and equipment for vacuum infusion and composite products)
  • Fortis, TK, LLC, Dzerzhinsk, Russia (composites)
  • Geyun New Composite Material, Hebei, China
    (C-glass material manufacturer, fiberglass mesh, C-glass roving, yarn)  
  • GlassTex LLC, Vladimir, Russia
    (glass mats, glass roving, polyester and epoxy resins, gelcoats, hardeners)
  • GFM GmbH, Austria
    (forging machines, cutting machines)
  • GF Machinery s.r.o., Brno, Czech Republic
    (Machines for technical yarn)
  • HimAlyans GC, LLC, Dzershinsk, Russia
    (epoxy resins, curing agents, curing accelerators)
  • Hongkong Taixin International Holding Limited, China
    (equipment for the manufacture of fiber-glass products by winding, chemical additives (reagents) for fiberglass)
  • Ingrichem LLC, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
    (raw materials and additives for composites)
  • Inteltest LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (facilities & equipment for composites testing)
  • INTERTECH TRADING CORPORATION (USA), Representative office, Moscow, Russia -
    new exhibitor
    (laboratory testing & process control equipment)
  • INTERTOOLMASH LLC, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
    (METROM machatronische maschinen GmbH - a producer of mobile machines for composite materials treatment)
  • Intehnika LLC, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
    (tools for composites treatment and equipment)
    (reinforced plastics, polypropylene blocks, polypropylene honeycombs, sandwich panels, alkali-proof fiberglass)
  • Institute of cosmic and aviation materials company limited, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Region, Russia
  • IRBIS PROJECTS LTD, Moscow, Russia
    (basalt composites, glass fiber composites)
  • ISCAR, LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (metalworking instruments)
  • Izotex LLC, Vladimir, Russia
  • JIANGSU JIUDING NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD, Rugao City, Jiangsu, China
    (glass fiber yarn, fabrics and final products, FRP products)
  • Jiaxing CMAG Composite Material Co., Ltd., Jiaxing City, China
  • JINAN GOLD LEAD MACHINERY Co., LTD, Guangzhou, China
    (glass fiber, fabrics and final products)
  • Jushi Group Co., Ltd, China
    (fiberglass, fiberglass products, E-glass fiber furnaces, C-glass fiber furnaces, waste fiber recycling furnaces)
  • KAMI, Association of Machinery Selling Companies, Moscow, Russia
    (composites processing machinery)
    (unsaturated polyester resins)
  • Khimpromengineering, Moscow, Russia
    (carbon fiber manufacturer)
  • KLEIBERIT, Germany
    (adhesives, sealants)
  • Koimpex S.r.l., Representatove office, Moscow, Russia
    (composites working equipment)
  • KROENERT, Hamburg, Germany
    (machine manufacturer, tailor-made filming, impregnating machines, prepregs)
  • Kompozit XXI century, Magazine, Moscow, Russia
  • KORSIL TRADE, Moscow, Russia
    (silicone sealants, compaunds for electronics, defoaming agents, caoutchoucs, rubbers, sealants)
  • Krylov State Research Centre, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Kurchatov Institute, National Research Center, Prometey FSUE CRISM, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    (polymeric composite materials)
  • Kurgankhimmash, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
    (vessel equipment, autoclaves, heaters for composites)
  • Larchfield Technic, Moscow, Russia
    (unsaturated polyester resins for composites, functional additives for polymers, thermoset and thermoplastic composites)
  • LAVESAN SRL, Italy
    (fiberglass composites, woven roving, resins, chopped strand mats, roving)
  • Leitz Instruments LLC, Russia, Moscow - new exhibitor
    (Tools and tooling systems for composites)
  • Leuco Rus Ltd, Mytishchi Moscow region, Russia
    (diamand instrument)
  • M-Karbo LLC, Minsk, Belarus Republic
    (carbon fiber, carbon fabrics, carbon-carbon composites, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, graphite finished products)
  • MACROMER named after V.S. Lebedev, R&D enterprise, LLC, Vladimir, Russia
    (raw materials for composites and polyurethanes, adhesives, sealants)
  • Makhachkala fiberglass factory LLC, Makhachkala, Russia
  • Manuchar NV, Belgium
    (composites, paint, coating, constructions segments)
  • Mega-Plast, Vladimir, Russia
    (raw materials for fiberglass, polyester resins, gel coats, pigment pastes)
  • Melytec, LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (spectrometers, diffractometers, universal testing machines, high-frequency testing systems)
  • Metaclay Research & Developement LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (composite materials finished products for cable insulation)
  • Mikrosam AD, Republic of Macedonia
    (automated fiber and tape placement, prepreg making and slitting, filament winding machines, factory automation)
  • Mirex JSC, Moscow, Russia
    (special machines and lines for fiberglass yarn and fabric processing)
  • MSC Software RUS LLC, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
  • Nantong Josson New Material Technology Co.,Ltd, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
  • Nantong Mach's Composite Materials Co., Ltd., Nantnog, Jiangsu, China - new exhibitor
    (FRP products, equipment)
  • NEO Chemical LLC, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod region, Russia
    (additives, hardeners, epoxy systems, sealants, adhesives, glues, solvents, foam polyurethane systems)
  • NETZSCH-Geratebau GmbH, Russia, Moscow
    (thermal analisys equipment)
  • Niagara Ltd., Moscow, Russia
    (carbon fiber, CFRP, carbon plastic)
  • Neva Technology, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    (NDT, testing equipment)
  • Nord Composites, France
    (polyesters, gel coats, fillers, plug making materials, fire returdant resins)
  • Nortex, Kotelniki, Moscow Region, Russia
    (raw materials for epoxy resins)
  • Novyi Kompozit LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia - new exhibitor
    (reinforcing materials based on carbon, aramid and glass fibers; epoxy resins, prepregs)
  • Oak industrial Co., Limited, China
    (composites, glassfiber)
  • OCSiAl, Novosibirsk, Russia
    (antistatic additives on the basis of single-wall carbon nanotubes)
  • OKACHIM, Dzerzhinsk, Russia
    (industrial chemistry)
  • Olin Epoxy, Moscow, Russia
    (epoxy resins)
  • Ostec Group, Moscow, Russia
  • Owens Corning, Gous-Khrustalny, Russia
    (glass-fiber reinforcements, residential materials, rovings, chopped strands)
    (fiberglass, refractory materials, rovings, glassmats)
  • Palizh, Izhevsk, Russia
    (masterbatch, tinting systems, tinting equipment)
  • PINETTE EMIDECAU INDUSTRIES (PEI), Chalon-sur-Saone, France
    (turnkey plant and customized equipment dedicated to thermoplastic and thermoset processing, сomposites forming, handling and testing machines)
  • Plastiks, Magazine, Samara, Russia
  • PolimerDesign LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (composite materials)
  • POLYPARK Ltd, Tula, Russia
    (raw materials and tools for the production of composites)
  • POLY-CM LLC, Tomsk, Russia
  • Polotsk-Steklovolokno JSC, Polotsk, Belarus
    (fiberglass raw materials, resins, raw materials, FRP products)
  • Polres Polyester Boya Ve Kimya San. TIC. LTD. STI, Turkey - new exhibitor
    (polyester resins, gelcoats, pigment pastes) 
  • Polymer Materials. Produсts, Equipment, Technologies Magazine, Moscow, Russia
  • Polymerprom LLC, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
    (FRP, artificial stone, unsaturated general purpose resins, special resins, gelcoats)
  • Prospective studies of composites LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia - new exhibitor
    (reinforcing materials based on carbon, aramid and glass fibers; epoxy resins, sandwich panels, prepregs)
  • Prepreg-ACM JSC, Moscow, Russia
    (unidirectional, bidirectional woven, non-woven fabrics, tapes, multiaxial fabrics, prepregs)
  • Qinhuangdao Dinuo Technology Development Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao City, China
    (FRP rpoducts) 
  • Raduga Sintez Co. & CoRes System Co., Moscow, Russia
    (polyester resins, systhetic alkyd resins, coating, dryers, paints, unsaturated polyester resins, gelcoats, primers)
  • Redius 168 LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH, Dorfles-Esbach, Germany
    (special CNC-machines for the machining of aluminium and composites, timber and plastics)
  • Research Institute of Cosmic and Aviation Materials, Pereslavl-Zxalessky, Yaroslavl Region, Russia
  • Roth Composite Machinery GmbH, Steffenberg, Germany
    (specialized machinery for Filament Winding Machinery for the production of glass and carbon fiber reinforced)
  • RUSKYGROUP LLC, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
    (materials for composites, resin infusion, hand lay up)
  • RUWAC LLC, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
    (industrial vacuum cleaners)
  • Sealing Materials Plant, Dzerzhinsk, Russia
    (sealing materials)
  • SETEC Maschinenbau GmbH, Munsingen, Germany - new exhibitor
    (fiberglass and fiberglass products)
  • Scholz Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
    (autoclave systems for the production of composite parts)
  • Scientific LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia - new exhibitor
    (industrial tomography systems, testing equipment for polymers, inserting fro press molds)
    (structural adhesives based om methyl methacrylate, resin system for pultrusion)
  • Shtray Company LLC, Moscow, Russia - new exhibitor
    (composites surface treatment equipment)
  • SKM Polymer, Moscow, Russia
    (HT epoxy gelcoats, infusion systems, RIM systems)
  • SPLAV NPO JSC,Tula, Russia
    (polymer composites)
  • SPG-KOMPOZIT LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (composites finished products)
  • STEVIK SAS France / VIST COMPOSITE LLC, Schelkovo, Russia
    (autoclaves, polymerization ovens, RTM units, vacuum films, release films, sealant tapes)
  • Stroitelnaya Orbita, Izdatelskiy dom, LTD, Moscow, Russia
  • STROITELNAYA GAZETA, Magazine, Moscow, Russia
  • SvetlogorskKhimvolokno, OJSC, Gomel, Belarus
    (Polyester Yarns, Nonwoven)
  • TECHNOS,a.s. Hronec, Slovak Republic
    (Direct Chopped Strand Line, Chopped Strand Mat Line, processing glass and basalt fibres waste)
  • TPC K-ARMA, Aramil, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia
  • TRIGON Chemie GmbH, Schluechtern, Germany - new exhibitor
    (chemicals, expoxy resins) 
  • Toray Group, Moscow, Russia
    (carbon fiber composite materials, PAN-type carbon fiber)
  • UMATEX Group / ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation, Moscow, Russia
    (carbon fiber manufacturer)
  • Union of Composites Manufacturers, Moscow, Russia
  • UTS group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (polyester binders, epoxy materials, glassfibre, pultrusion, filament winding, RTM technology)
  • VIST COMPOSITE LLC, Schelkovo, Russia
    (autoclaves, polymerization ovens, RTM units, vacuum films, release films, sealant tapes)
  • Zavod LIT JSC, Perslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Region, Russia - new exhibitor
    (advesives, sealants, composites)

Booking a booth

plan compo eng lTo book a stand at the 12th Composite-Expo 2019 Exhibition please use the online-form.

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In 2019 Exhibition will pass from April 23 till 25 in Pavilion 1 of Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.


Participation in the business program

12th International Practical-Research Conference "Modern State and Prospects of Development of Production and Use of Composite Materials in Russia" - it`s the chance to present your company to professional audience. This is the workshop for the exhibitors to do presentations about their new products, materials & technologies.

Date: April 23, 2019

Venue: Pavilion 1, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia


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