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Final Report on 16th Composite-Expo 2024 Exhibition

Exhibition Organizer:

Mir-Expo Exhibition Company

At the same time, an exhibition
will be held in pavilions 1 and 5
of the Expocentre Fairgrounds:

Polyurethanex 2025 16th International Exhibition

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Composite-Expo 2023
15th International Specialized Exhibition

arr or  Date: March 28 - 30, 2023

arr or  Venue: Pavilion 1, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

arr or  The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

15th Composite-Expo 2023 Video Report


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The Russian composite materials market has great growth potential. Thanks to the systematic work of the state and business, since 2013 the volume of domestic production has increased by 315% to 73.5 billion rubles. This is one of the highest rates in the world. Composite materials still have the most important positive characteristics of mechanical strength, lightness and insulation functions. Based on this, they open the way to more sustainable industrial use in all types of transport, construction, energy, electrical solutions, etc.

The 15th edition of Composite-Expo exhibition organized by Mir-Expo Exhibition Company was held on March 28 - 30, 2023 at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia. The exhibition is traditionally an annual meeting place for Russian and foreign specialists from various industries, manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of composite materials, technologies and equipment for the production of products, a place to summarize the development over the past year and discuss prospects, as well as a source of new information, without which further progress would be difficult.

During the exhibition, the specialists held many negotiations with potential customers, established new business contacts and discussed new projects with representatives of various industries. It is worth noting that the effectiveness of specialized exhibitions is growing every year.

In 2023, in terms of the number of occupied areas, the Composite Expo exhibition increased by 30% compared to last year and occupied more than 7000 sq.m. The exhibition was visited by about 6,000 specialists from various industries. The exhibition was attended by more than 110 key Russian and foreign manufacturers of raw materials and equipment for the production of composites from Russia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, Turkey, China, the UAE and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Among the permanent exhibitors of the exhibition there were the following companies: AKPA Organic, VITRULAN Tekstilglas, Kurchatov Institute of SIC, FSUE Central Research Institute of Structural Materials Prometheus, ETC Group of Companies, DUGALAK, Vist Composite, Bang and Bonsomer, EPITAL ENPC JSC, Carbon Studio, Eurohim-1 Functional Additives, BauTex, Tatneft-Alabuga Fiberglass JSC, ITEKMA, Elektroizolit JSC, All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials, INTRA Polymer Systems, Kamensky Combine, FKP, Polymerprom, NIAGARA, Sealing Materials Plant, NEO Chemical, BMP Technology, Melitek, MegaPlast, Composite, Group of companies, Neva Technologies, Tatneft-Presskomposite, Polotsk-Steklovlokno, Glasstex, Raduga Syntez, Ruskemicals Group, Peleng, SIBUR, etc.

The following companies exhibited at the event for the first time: Anisoprint Rus, Vitareactive, Volna CJSC, IMPRINTA, Institute of Plastics named after G.S. Petrov JSC, CARBONTEX, Composite Cluster of St. Petersburg, Moldavizolit Plant, Novyi Dom LLC Palizh, ONSINT, Dzerzhinsk Production Association Plastic, POLYPARK, RV 3D Technologies, Revada-Neva, Sibintertorg, Scanform, Smart-T, Stereotech, Terra Composite, Technocomposite, Totalzed NPO, F2 Innovations, Energoinvest, UMATEX JSC, etc.


A number of exhibitors presented new technologies and product samples::

The company VIST COMPOSITE having been working at the market of ancillary materials, equipment and tools for the production of products used in all segments of the composite industry for more than 10 years, presented at its stand new 3-layer combined product: COMBIVAC180-1 multilayer system consisting of polyamide peel ply, PEP release film and breather. This product has been developed for autoclave vacuum molding technology, saves time and facilitates operation of vacuum materials. COMBIPEEL90-1 is a multilayer system consisting of a knitted mesh for distribution of resin, a perforated release film permeable to the resin and gases, and peel ply, which can be used in resin infusion process. The system saves applying time, and since the product is degreased and shrunk, there is no risk of pollution. The adhesive used to assemble this product is neutral: soluble with resins and does not affect the resin flow.

At the Composite-Expo Sealing Materials Plant LLC presented a wide range of Abris sealing materials and develops technologies based on them. The Abris series of sealing materials has more than 800 products. Finished products of the plant are produced in the form of tapes, panels, parts, cords, briquettes and mastics. Abris sealants are plastic, have hydro-, vapor-, vibro-, noise-, gas-insulating and radiation-protective properties, protect against corrosion, heat loss, from mold and microorganisms, from electromagnetic radiation, provide radon protection. Abris materials have a chemically resistant base, do not break down under the action of concentrated alkalis, weak acids, sea water, sharp temperature fluctuations, have a wide temperature range of operation, biological resistance, stable adhesion to metal, reliability in operation, high processability, environmental safety.

Carbontex is an advanced research and production enterprise of Russia in the field of design and manufacturing of volumetrically reinforced full-woven preforms by 3D-weaving technology of carbon/glass fiber, which are used for production of polymer composite materials in aircraft engineering, aerospace, petrochemistry, medicine and construction. The company presented the following products at the exhibition: 3D fabric CMF - volumetrically reinforced three-dimensional fabric manufactured by 3D weaving technology provides full three-dimensional reinforcement of the composite, which is not subject to stratification and interlayer shear; 3D weaving technology also makes it possible to produce three-dimensional 3D CMWF performs; The CM-P carbon plate based on the 3D reinforcement fabric provides even distribution of force loads, which makes the composite durable and wear-resistant; Quadcopter bodies made of polymer composite material (PCM) are lightweight, durable in operation and have increased rigidity; Composite half rings for the Ilizarov apparatus are lightweight components with elasticity, radiopacity and chemical resistance.

Moldavizolit Factory CJSC specializing in production of electrical insulating, structural and antifriction materials, present at the stand the following products: flexible film materials, impregnated and varnished paper, fiberglass, cotton fabrics, impregnating varnishes, microwave dielectrics, copper-clad materials for PCB, honeycomb structures.


Permanent participant of the Composite-Expo exhibition - P-D Tatneft-Alabuga Fiberglass LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of continuous fiberglass and products based on it: roving, mats, fibreglass mesh, roving fabric, chopped fiberglass, twisted yarns being used in all industries: the construction industry, road construction infrastructure, electrical engineering, automotive and transport engineering, housing and communal services, oil and gas production, defense industry.

The novelty of the production of POLY-SM LLC is a polymer tightening of the interframe space, which is designed to replace the traditional reinforced concrete tightening. The polymer tightening tests were carried out according to three parameters and showed that it can withstand 9 tons for compression, 900 kg for rupture. As for the bending tests, it was not possible to break the sample, it was loaded before the first signs of material destruction appeared. The polymer lattice system can withstand up to 1 ton – this is significantly higher than that of a traditional reinforced concrete tightening. In addition to the tests on the three named parameters, POLY-SM LLC also conducted a test for flammability. In underground mining, especially in coal mines, this is a fundamental point: only non-combustible or non-combustible materials can be used here.


Siberian Analytical Systems LLC is a Russian company specializing in the direct sales of analytical instruments, equipment for the study of the composition of substances, control of technology and final products, high-performance sample preparation systems, projecting and construction of turnkey laboratories. Besides supporting equipment our company performs engineering services and complex solution of different analytical tasks. The company presented at the show the spectral systems: ICP-MS and ICP-OES spectrometers, atomic absorption spectrometers, X-ray spectrometers and diffractometers, FTIR and UV/Vis spectrometers, as well as sample preparation systems including its own manufactured ones.


HARZ Labs presented at the stand the latest developments in the field of materials for resin 3D printing, complex compositions with ceramics for medical use, new engineering materials, similar in properties to injection molded plastics, developments in the field of chemical-resistant and heat-resistant resins for various industries. Its own research and production complex in Russia allows to produce polymers for various applications and develop innovative materials.


New exhibitor - Volna CJSC – presented its own production including the manufacture of industrial electric ovens, impregnation plants, autoclaves, test benches, installations for surfacing bodies of rotation and other equipment for industrial workshops. The products developed by the specialists of CJSC Volna for equipping enterprises, which produce composite materials, have successfully passed the tests and are working at the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.


The official representative of the manufacturer in Russia - Smart-T LLC - presented at the stand the iECHO automatic cutting systems for cutting composite materials.


F2 innovations has been engaged in research of industrial 3D printing and manufacture of 3D printers. At its stand the company presented the largest Russian polymer 3D printer that prints with granules - F2 Gigantry. The print area of 4.5*2.5*3 meters allows you to create large-sized polymer parts.


The Advanced Materials and Technologies Division of Rosatom State Corporation (the management company of UMATEX JSC), the largest manufacturer of composite materials in Russia, presented for the first time a product line based on domestic PAN fiber:
- carbon fiber,
- fabrics and prepregs,
- finished products in various industries.


For the first time, as part of the business program of the exhibition, the Composites Without Borders Forum was held on March 28 and 29, 2023. The 10th Forum Composites without Borders was dedicated to the new technological agenda in the field of composite materials and global trends in the development of the industry in Russia, the implementation of the roadmap "Technologies of new materials and substances".

The key theme of the Composites Without Borders forum this year was Prospects for the domestic Composites industry in the face of new challenges and opportunities. The central event of the forum was a plenary session, which was attended by Denis Manturov (Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation), Alexey Likhachev (Rosatom CEO), Kirill Lipa (CEO of Transmashholding). The discussion was moderated by Alexander Tyunin, CEO of Umatex.


An important event of the business program of the Composite-Expo 2023 exhibition was the fourth edition of Practical use of composite materials in different industries (R&D Conference) which was held on March 29, 2023 in the Conference Hall on the territory of the exhibition pavilion No. 1. The conference was attended by more than 60 specialists. Vladimir Bannikov, General Director of Mir-Expo VC LLC, welcomed the conference delegates. The Conference was moderated by Olga Gladunova, Editor-in-Chief of the Composite World magazine.

During the event, practical aspects of the use of composite materials and products made of composites in priority sectors of the economy were discussed. 

Alexander Gavrilov, Director General of KUDO Trading House Company, made a presentation on Practical aspects of the application of AXIOM adhesives and sealants in the composite materials market.

Tatiana Lapitskaya, Director General of Epital ENPC JSC, spoke about the High-strength and heat-resistant epoxy compounds "Etal", to ensure the technological independence of the Russian Federation in the composite and electrical industries.

Dmitri Miller, Director General of 3D-Solutions NPO LLC, dedicated his speech to effective equipment for laying out composites.

Andrey Golinkevich, representative of SMART-T LLC, shared the company’s experience of the cutting automating of composite materials. 

Ilya Vikhrov, Deputy Director for Science of Research Institute of Space and Aviation Materials, made a presentation Adhesives and functional coatings, developed by, for composite materials.

Alexey Krivoshein, Director General of IP Krivoshein Alexey Valeryevich, spoke about bringing a new brand to the construction chemicals market.

Nikita Kotov, Head of Technical Customer Support of Attika LLC, dedicated his speech to fiberglass pipes for the oil industry: an alternative opportunity for trunk pipelines.

Artem Eremin, representative of Kuban State University, shared the company’s experience of application of traveling elastic waves to determine the effective elastic modules of layered composite materials.

Alexey Drobotov, Deputy Head of Science of Stereotech, made a presentation on Stereotech STE Slicer features for 3D and 5D printing of reinforced structures.

Viktor Naumov, Project Manager of Industrial additive Systems of Top 3D Group Company, spoke about development of composite materials in industrial powder 3D printing

Albert Nazarov, Candidate of Technical Sciences of AN Marine Consulting Company, dedicated his speech to prospects for the use of composites in Russian shipbuilding and the SigmaLAM program for the calculation of ship composite structures.

Vadim Mikrin, Deputy General Director of ITEKMA Company, spoke about new ITECMA adhesives and pastes for the repair of composite structures.


At the same time with Composite-Expo, there held the 14th edition of the International Specialized Exhibition Polyurethanex that allowed a wide range of specialists to get acquainted with innovation technologies of manufacturing and samples of finished products of polyurethane materials for different branches of industry and attracted significant attention of specialists of the industry: manufacturers and consumers of adhesive and sealing materials.

In 2023 65 exhibitors took part in the events from 7 countries (Russia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, Turkey, China, the UAE and the Islamic Republic of Iran). 

In 2023, on the space about 9000 sq. m. there situated 180 exhibitors, including 131 national (domestic) companies and 49 foreign ones from 6 countries. About 7400 people visited the shows and 90% of them were specialists in different fields of industry. It witnesses growing demands of the Russian market to use modern innovation materials and technologies in different industries.


Reviews of exhibitors of the 2023 exhibition:


arr or  Anna Travkina, Head of Marketing Department

CJSC Volna, Republic of Belarusнна

«This year, the Volna company took part in the Composite-Expo exhibition for the first time.

We were satisfied with the level of organization of the exhibition, the composition of the exhibitors, the level of technical training, interest and the number of visitors to our stand. We plan to participate in the Composite-Expo exhibition in 2024 and invite manufacturers of products from composite materials to our booth!».



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The Composite-Expo 2024 will be held March 26 - 28, 2024 in Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilions 1 & 5, Moscow, Russia traditionally simultaneously with Polyurethanex 2024 Exhibition.

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Exhibitor List:


As part of the business program of the Composite-Expo, on March 28, 2023, a round table "Protection of intellectual property of manufacturers of composite materials" was held. The organizers were Mir-Expo Exhibition Company and Patentus LLC. Moderator - Dmitry Markanov, Managing Partner of the Patentus Bureau.


Round table program:

1. "Legal protection of technical solutions under the legislation of the Russian Federation" - Olga Krivitskaya, (head of intellectual property management, Umateх JSC)

2. "Patenting of composite materials: composition and method" - Mikhail Silin (Ph.D., leading advisor on patents, patent attorney of the Russian Federation No. 1453 (inventions, trademarks), Eurasian patent attorney No. 417 (inventions), 28 years old in the field of IP protection);

3. "Patent Disputes" - Alexey Mikhailov (head of patent practice, patent attorney of the Russian Federation No. 1339, Eurasian patent attorney No. 297, Master of Engineering and Technology, Master of Law (direction "Judicial protection of IP"), 17 years in the field of IP protection);

4. "Registration of trademarks in the field of industry" - Natalia Naumova (leading expert, patent attorney No. 1522, 19 years in the field of IP protection)

5. "Protection of the means of individualization of enterprises in the composite industry on the Internet" - Mark Tereshin (Senior Legal Counsel of the Contractual Work and Rights Protection Department, Umatex JSC).


Management of the Exhibition:

Director: Konstantin Fateev

Phone: +7 495 988-16-20

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